The beginning of my “shoe repair life” brings memories of old downtown Buffalo, where I worked the ancient craft of shoe repair starting in the 1960’s in my parents’ shop at the former Neisners store on Main Street. I continued with them through my teenage years and was offered a job at Joe Pacific Shoe Repair in Hawaii when I was 19 and accepted the offer. Right before I left, I met my future wife and, after a short time working with Joe Pacific, I came back to Buffalo, got married, and together we opened our first store in Hamburg, NY in 1981. Feeling the need to expand, we went on to open our second shop at the former Thruway Mall. We were very busy between the two shops and in 1984, feeling restless, we sold both shops and moved West to San Diego intending to open a chain of shoe repair shops. After opening several stores, we began to feel homesick and decided to return to Buffalo.

We wanted to raise our son in Buffalo and were happy to get back to our roots. We opened a new store in 1988 in Hamburg but the demographics had changed in that area after  Bethlehem Steel closed  and we weren’t getting the same amount of work that we previously had. After accepting a position at Moneysworth & Best Shoe Repair at the Galleria, I realized it was time to get back into owning my own shop where I would make the decisions. We opened a shop at the Main Place Mall in 1991 and in 2006 opened another shop at the Southgate Plaza. Between the two shops we were very  busy but  after long discussion, we felt that 30 years of business was long enough and decided to live our dream by spending close to a year in Hawaii in 2009.  After learning our son is planning on being married in 2011, we felt the need once again to come back to our roots for the time being.